Redwood Atmosphere 2014 Photograph, mdf, abs plastic, air
Real Value exhibition view with pricing rubric detail
Colorfield With Toast 2014 photograph, mdf, abs plastic, autobody filler, paint
Mountain Snap 2014 Photograph, mdf, abs plastic, bronze
I-76 Annie 2014 photograph, mdf, bronze, abs plastic
Installation view of Stuffed, Redwood Atmosphere, and I-76 Annie
Installation views with clearance items
A Drawing Best Viewed From Twelve Feet Away By Someone Five Foot Four Inches 2013 wood, steel and paint 24” x 24” x 60”
The Misinterpretation of Objects on Carpet 2013 wool, monk cloth, dyed tissue, carved wood, Bondo, paint, steel, clamp light
Mass Existing with Volume and a Post or What Could Have Been 2009 Expanded metal lath, wood 56" x 96" x 26"
Aside 2009 Metal lath, paint, wood, vinyl 58” x 32” x 28”
Seat as Object 2010 Metal lath, wire, paint 34” x 23” x 20” (object size)
A Pair of Proxied Relics 2010 Cross-stitch canvas, thread, brass 8” x 6” x 33”
Unprocessed Cock 2009 expanded metal lath, oil clay 19” x 18” x 8”
Bucket 2009 Metal lath, steel and paint 12" x 12" x 18"
Breakfast of Champions 2009 Bronze, lead and found spoon
With Purpose and Class 2008 Tarpaulin, polystyrene insulation 70” x 12” x 84”
Nothing To Do (A softer side of ordinary) 2008 Dyed fabric, polystyrene insulation Dimensions variable. Individual block size: 16” x 7” x 7”
Gross Domestic Product (Tug and Pull) 2009 Synthetic hair, thread, wooden spool 72” x 50” x 12”
Untitled 2007 Permanent marker, wire, tarpaulins Dimensions variable (three tarps each 9'x12')